We throw the word "hero" around a lot on the internet, but sometimes there is simply no other word for doing more backflips on a pogo stick than any other person in the history of human-and-pogo-stick coexistence.

Historic as that feat may be on its own, our champion Dmitry is catapulted into the Tim-Brando-sex-tape Hall Of Heroes when his efforts reveal to the masses—the non-pogo stick crowd—that a record for most backflips on a pogo stick existed to be broken in the first place.

According to the very credible-sounding website Recordholders.org, the previous record for most backflips on a pogo stick was set at 11 backflips on a pogo stick in 2011 at Pogopalooza by a man named Fred Gryzbowski. He beat his own record of nine from the year before.

The name Fred Gryzbowski is all over the pogo stick record books and he appears to be the Michelangelo of pogo sticking. One of the only categories not to feature his name is "Least Pogo Stick Jumps In One Minute." The honor of holding that world record, which is at a remarkable 39 jumps in one minute, belongs to the entirely fictional person "Biff Hutchinson."