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A 45-year-old Swede walks into a store in Finspång, says to the cashier, he's really, really gotta go. Female cashier says health regulations prevent her from allowing him to do so in the employees' WC. So, what'd he do?

"He pulled down his pants, squatted on the floor and pooped," the 21-year-old female cashier said in court.

The cashier explained further that the man proceeded to insult her while he relieved himself on the floor of the store.

After he'd finished his business, the 45-year-old left the store, snatching some candy on the way, and leaving behind a pile of excrement and his dirty undies, according to the cashier.


Understandable. But then, the fellow — who tragically went unnamed in story — had problems getting a third attorney after he wasn't pleased with his previous two defense teams.

After being denied another defence attorney, the man expressed his lack of confidence in the court in front of a gallery filled with schoolchildren on a field trip.

"I'm not going to participate in this damn farce," he exclaimed before storming out of the courtroom.

Despite the judge's explanation that leaving the courtroom would deprive him of the chance to tell his side of the story, the man refused to return, prompting the judge to order him placed in a nearby room where he heard the proceedings through an intercom.

Great story short: He'll spend eight months in prison.

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