Man Facing Death Penalty Attends Sentencing Hearing In Tony Romo Jersey

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David Ferrara of the Las Vegas Review-Journal today shared the story of Thomas Randolph, recently convicted of two counts of first-degree murder for the deaths of his wife and the man he hired to kill her, who attended today’s sentencing hearing wearing a brand new Tony Romo jersey:


From the report:

Randolph said he wanted to wear the jersey, rather than a traditional shirt and tie, on his last day of trial because he would speak to jurors. He has been locked up since January 2009, wearing only jail clothing.

“Since I’ve been 12, I’ve been a Cowboys fan,” he told reporters in the holding cell. “It gives me comfort, even in here.”


The unusual sartorial choice was reportedly not appreciated by prosecutors:

Chief Deputy District Attorney David Stanton told jurors that wearing the XXXL No. 9 Tony Romo blue and white jersey with blue jeans and white gym shoes showed that Randolph had no remorse for the deaths of his sixth wife, Sharon Causse or the man he hired to kill her, Michael James Miller.

“He doesn’t care about that at all. It doesn’t bother him a bit,” the prosecutor said. “Any rational compassionate human being would be appalled at themselves.”

A jury will decide whether Randolph will be sentenced to death.