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Man Hit In Head With Golf Ball, Has Golf-Ball-Sized Welt To Prove It

This Swedish man was hit in the head with a golf ball so hard that it looks like the actual ball broke through his skin, embedded itself in his skull, and the wound healed around it. Put another way: the size of that welt is fucking outrageous.

Joakim Boden was playing a round with his buddies last Thursday when he was hit directly in the head with an errant shot from a neighboring hole. No one yelled fore and Boden said the sound it made off his head was like "a gun shot."


Here's Boden's account from, run through Google translate:

I had struck my second blow out of the bunker and had just gone out and stood and looked at my colleague. I turned back towards the tee, and would then go up to my ball lying further away on the fairway and hit my third kind. Before I could start walking so slapped it until I got a ball in the head, explains Joakim Bodén chain of events.

He threw himself to the ground and screamed and immediately realized what had happened. Just before the hit, he heard a whirring sound like a whisper, he says.

His friends brought him to the clubhouse and he was taken to a health clinic shortly thereafter. The clinic checked him out and gave him the OK to drive home and even play golf the next day.

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