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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Man Interrupts NFL Network Live Shot, Rips Seam In Fabric Of Space And Time

The ramifications may not be felt immediately, but what this man has done cannot be undone. Aimlessly wandering around Bourbon Street, this man—a Ravens fan, way to go Baltimore—stumbled across the NFL Network's camera crew filming a light hearted live segment with Michelle Beisner.


At first, he appears to be just a harmless dude not bent on destroying the Universe. But after staring at the camera for an unreasonable amount of time, he then pulls out his phone and takes a picture of other people taking moving pictures and sooner rather than later the world will have folded in upon itself. You can even watch as he realizes what he has done: What's that? Me? I did...The Earth is going to stop spinning on what? Oh, god...don't show my face.

h/t Trevor

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