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An inmate at Orleans Parish Prison was charged with two counts of battery of a police officer, simple battery, and sexual battery when he allegedly grabbed two officers’ testicles in separate incidents Monday and Tuesday.


It’s unknown as to what 29-year-old Michael Edwards of Metairie did to get into jail in the first place, but while police transferred him Monday, he jumped and “suddenly lunged forward and grabbed a deputy’s testicles,” according to an arrest report obtained by

The next day, Edwards was belligerent inside a van and had to be subdued with foam spray. When police took him to the medical ward, he allegedly struck again:

The report said Edwards was transported back to OPP’s medical facility for treatment and decontamination, and was scheduled for a psychiatric evaluation. But while inside the medical ward, the report says, Edwards again “became extremely hostile and aggressive,” and during a scuffle grabbed another deputy’s testicles. Edwards “refused to release his grasp until Investigative Services Bureau agents forcefully removed his hands,” the report says.


The report didn’t reveal the conditions of the officers.


Photo via Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office

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