When we last saw 18-year-old Benfica keeper Mile Svilar all of two weeks ago, he was becoming the youngest-ever Champions League keeper in his match against Manchester United. That day quickly turned into one to forget, however, as Svilar backed into his own net while holding the ball to provide United with the 1-0 win.

In today’s road fixture rematch against United, Svilar’s night began a little bit better, when the kid stopped a penalty from Anthony Martial. But just before halftime, the Red Devils once again tagged the teen with a nasty goal, this one courtesy of Nemanja Matić.

In fairness to Svilar, that unlucky bounce is more of a glitch than a blooper (I’ve done that in FIFA way more than I’ve seen it in real life), but it probably doesn’t make him feel any better. United won, 2-0.