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Manchester United Score Late Winner, José Mourinho Freaks The Fuck Out

José Mourinho fancies himself something of a rock star, so it was fitting when he reacted to Marouane Fellaini rescuing Manchester United with a late winner by treating a couple water bottle carriers like a guitar and kick drum at the end of a metal show.

United hosted the young boys of Young Boys in the Champions League today. This should’ve been an opportunity for the Red Devils to batter their vastly outmatched Swiss opponents and in doing so earn some needed confidence during this season (though at this point isn’t it more of an era?) of discontent. Instead, United found themselves on the brink of the same kind of drab and depressing scoreless draw that has marred their season.

Luckily, the newly de-afroed Fellaini was on hand to do what he always does by nabbing the go-ahead goal seconds into stoppage time:


This caused Mourinho to catch the vapors:

After this incident, and its famous bottle-kicking predecessor, “bashing water bottles” can now officially join “comparing sports to horrific world events” on the list of things Mourinho does when under pressure.

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