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Tonight's the game that's so huge that Sports Illustrated actually resisted the temptation to put Terrell Owens on the cover for it: Colts at Patriots, Manning vs. Brady, stats vs. results, dogs vs. cats, gay vs. straight, you name it.

It's rare a regular season game is hyped as much as this one is, and one kind of gets the impression John Madden is going to spontaneously combust, exploding into a terrifying smorgasboard of pizza sauce and lite beer.

You kind of get the impression that no matter who wins this game, the loser will be spinning madly. Patriots win, hey, Colts will have home field anyway. Colts win, hell, there are injuries, and we'll see you in the playoffs anyway. We're just hoping they break with protocol and go ahead and let Kenny Chesney sing. He does have a new album coming out, after all; might be good for the guy. Can't imagine what would get Peyton more fired up.

Enjoy. It's nice sometimes when things are just about sports.

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