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What we watched: Well, I didn't watch the fight, but from what I've heard, it was controversial. Weird. I did, however, watch Penn State and that matchup also almost followed the script to perfection. Almost.

There was an emotional beginning with the seniors being introduced individually. Then there was the "We are!" business. There were whispers about a game ball for Paterno if Penn State wins. Then there was the pre-game prayer for the victims including both teams in the middle of the field. It was all very poignant. Then the game started and after all that emotion wore off, the crowd was dead. It was one of the quieter games I can remember watching. Penn State was down. Emotionally spent. Probably woefully under-prepared. Then, they mounted a comeback. Cheering. Those whispers about a game ball for Paterno came creeping back. There was a wacky receiver-throwing-to-the-quarterback play. Penn State was going to mount the comeback for Joe! Then, they didn't. Real life continues. Now, hopefully the palate has been cleansed so we can get ready for some real goddamned football.


In Case You Missed It: First there was this: "Either Lee Corso is a comedic genius, or this is one of the more unfortunately timed hot mic gaffes in some time. As ESPN was coming back from commercial, you can clearly hear Lee Corso ask "Where's that little kid?" Simultaneous to that, unfortunately, ESPN pictured a live look-in of the Penn State players huddling up and looking towards the ground. Obviously it was a totally innocuous moment, but man, what are the odds?" Then, this: "Here's BBC's report today on the Penn State scandal in which they abbreviate "assistant" to, well.. it was unfortunate." Find everything here.


Penn State Alum pisses people off at yesterday's game: "In the middle of Curtin Road, John Matko held one handwritten sign in his right hand and rested another against his jeans. Two inches of black tape obscured Penn State's logo on the 34-year-old father's hat, as he tried to ignore the jeers, slaps and beer hurled at him. 'Put abused kids first,' one of Matko's signs read. 'Don't be fooled, they all knew. Tom Bradley, everyone must go.' Penn State's Beaver Stadium loomed 30 yards away, rumbling with the first roars of Saturday's game with Nebraska. The sea of blue-clad supporters wearing gray fedoras and camouflage hunting jackets and "This is JoePa's house" T-shirts parted around Matko. 'That is such bull–-!' one young woman screamed at him after glancing at the signs. 'Who the f– do you think you are?'" [Washington Times]


Yeah, but, define "plausible" and "shocking coincidence": "ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz offered this plausible explanation: Each week, Corso announces which team he's picking in ESPN's game of the week by putting on a funky hat related to the team. This week, a charity auction was held and the winner got to hand the hat to Corso. The winner, Krulewitz told Diane Pucin, was a child. Corso was looking for that child. His comment had nothing to do with the image ESPN cameras were carrying from Penn State. Indeed, about 10 minutes later on ESPN's GameDay broadcast from Palo Alto, Corso reached over the back of the stage and came back with a Stanford tree hat. He was picking the Cardinal over Oregon. So his earlier comment, it seems, was merely a shocking coincidence." [LA Times]

Your Five Second interlude

Oh. Em. Gee. I can't believe Alabama is ranked ahead of Boise State!: "The fifth-ranked Broncos had a chance [to] win a last-second thriller against TCU on Saturday, but freshman kicker Dan Goodale's 39-yard kick sailed wide right as time expired to give Horned Frogs a 36-35 victory. TCU now has a clear path to the Mountain West Conference crown. For the Broncos, losing this way may seem all too familiar. Last year, Boise State's unbeaten season and BCS hopes were spoiled when senior Kyle Brotzman missed from short range in regulation and overtime, enabling Nevada to walk away with a 34-31 overtime win." [ESPN]


Calvin and Hoops: "The biggest challenge the Blue Devils faced — aside from all the attention for their coach's march toward history — was the possibility of fatigue after a quick turnaround. The game against Presbyterian started roughly 17 hours after Duke's tighter-than-expected, 77-76 victory over pesky mid-major Belmont in the opener." [CBS New York]

Well, maybe that's why they are writers and not not judges, ever think of that?: "'Of course they're unhappy, they're fans of Marquez,' said Pacquiao, who was guaranteed $22 million for the fight. 'But I clearly won the fight.' That's the way judges Dave Moretti and Glenn Trowbridge saw it, anyway. Moretti scored it 115-113 and Trowbridge scored it 116-112 for Pacquiao. The third judge, Robert Hoyle, scored it a draw. Nearly all of the writers on press row scored it in favor of Marquez, many by large margins. 'This is the second robbery of the two fights we've had,' said Marquez, who was guaranteed $5 million. 'This one was even more clear than the first. I don't know what else in the ring I can do to beat this guy.' Marquez's trainer, Nacho Beristain, said 'It was robbery of the utmost.'" [USA Today]

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