Manny Pacquiao's Inner-Circle Continues To Undermine Him; Wife Thinks He Should Just Retire

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Is it safe to say Manny Pacquiao's inner-circle is not handling his recent defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Márquez all that well?


First, Manny Pacquiao's mother spoke up in the wake of her son's loss to explain that, of course he got KTFO, he had forsaken Catholicism for its very-similar-but-also-crucially-different brother, the Protestant church. No Protestant boxer has ever had any success.

Then we learned that members of Pacquiao's entourage were so incensed and befuddled by Pacquiao's loss that they attacked a photographer who was taking pictures of his prone form on the mat. A report from Yahoo said, "Pacquiao adviser Michael Koncz and assistant trainer Buboy Fernandez were punching and kicking at [Getty photographer Al] Bello as he was trying to photograph Pacquiao," which is nearly understandable when your boss has only lost five times ever (and only three times by KO), but also might get that same boss suspended if Getty Images has its way.

And now, Pacquiao's Wife—Jinkee Pacquiao—thinks her husband has had enough. USA Today:

"It's the first time I've seen him like that, lying on the canvas, and I was scared,'' Jinkee, 33, told USA TODAY Sports, saying she began screaming and crying before promoter Bob Arum comforted her.

"I know he is still (capable) of fighting, but for me there is nothing to prove. He already has eight (title) belts. He can retire - stop - at anytime. I want him to stop now. But he is the one who has the last say. Boxers risk their lives; (some) end up in wheelchairs. I don't want that to happen to Manny.''


Next steps: A previously unknown brother comes out of the woodwork and accuses Pacquiao of steroid use, a former sparring partner says he hits like a girl, and his newborn daughter's first words are "Manuel Márquez." Sad. This may be the last look we ever get at Pacquiao in the ring or, if you prefer, out of it.


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