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Illustration for article titled Map: 162 Properties Owned By Infamous Racist Donald Sterling

As we've written before, and as Bomani Jones reiterated this week, Donald Sterling's worst crimes have to do with his history of housing discrimination, not his feelings about his girlfriend hanging out with black people. With a net worth of $2 billion built largely on real estate, Sterling has had many opportunities to force his racism on the city of Los Angeles.

What does a real estate empire of this size look like? The folks over at Curbed LA have been compiling a great map showing exactly what properties Sterling owns in the city, mostly shown above.

Using PropertyShark's data, we've created a (double) map of all of Sterling's properties in Los Angeles—mostly apartment buildings, but also some land and a few single-family houses—that help illustrate just how tenacious Sterling is in his bigotry: out of 162 properties we can reasonably confirm as his, there's not a single one in the black and Latino neighborhoods south of the 10 or the Latino neighborhoods east of Downtown.

If you're not familiar with the racial demographics of Los Angeles, you can go explore them on the excellent 2010 Racial Dot Map. While it's not discriminatory to own buildings in certain neighborhoods, remember: The housing practices that made Sterling infamous are a major contributor to and reinforcer of this sort of damaging neighborhood segregation. Go to Curbed to check out the full property list and play with the interactive map.

[Curbed LA, h/t Mike L.]

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