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Marathon Runner Steals Mickey Mouse Doll From Child, Is A Huge Jerk

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The bond between a child and his favorite toy is a sacred one that should not be taken lightly. Just ask Arman Moodliar, who had his favorite Mickey Mouse doll stolen from him by a heartless marathon runner.


Arman and his grandmother were cheering on runners at the Comrades ultramarathon in Durban, South Africa, on Sunday when one of the runners, Tshokela Maphori, thought it would be a good idea to snatch Arman's Mickey Mouse doll right out of the poor child's hands. According to his grandmother, Arman "howled and howled for hours" after losing the toy. So why did Maphori take it? Because he wanted a good luck charm. From

Maphori, 32, said he was 7km into the race when he saw the little boy waving the Mickey Mouse toy.

“It was my good luck charm. I held the bear right through. He gave me the power to win (finish),” he said. “Now he sleeps right next to me in my bed. I like it too much. It is like having my very own baby.”

But Arman's grandmother wasn't going to let this injustice stand, so she tracked down Maphori after seeing his picture in the newspaper and asked him to return the doll. But Maphori isn't really about that idea, because Maphori is the worst:

Maphori was surprised when he was told that little Arman was pining for his toy.

“Okay... okay. I stay in Polokwane. I cannot come back to Durban,” he then said.

“They can come and fetch it from me. It will be sad to let it go. But I don’t want to upset the baby.”

Polokwane happens to be eight hours away from Durban. Seriously though, someone needs to explain to Maphori that kids' toys are not to be fucked with. If anyone had tried to take my favorite Wolverine action figure from me when I was a kid, I would have cut that person's face off. To steal a kid's favorite toy is to steal the one thing in the world they actually care about.

To his credit, Arman is already plotting his own adorable vengeance:

“I am going to find another big man to get it back for me and send him to jail. It is not nice to take something that does not belong to you.”

Arman, a Grade R pupil at Westville Hindu School said: “I want my Mickey Mouse back please… I’m crying and crying for him...”


Watch your back, Tshokela Maphori.


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