Hating Your Way Through The First Round

Maybe you have a rooting interest today; maybe you don't. But with the tourney tipping off, you definitely need a reason to hate all 68 teams.

Time to break out the roasting jacket and say horrible, awful, incredibly mean-spirited things about every school participating in the NCAA tournament. PART I | PART II


The Viewer's Guide For Office Drones


Stuck at work? Sucks, we know. But that doesn't mean you have to miss any of the games. No, not even the ones on TruTV. READ »

Jimmy Chitwood: The Greatest Amateur Athlete Ever


While you watch some small liberal arts school take down the favorite via heart and fundamentals ("The Hickory Way," take some time to remember the greatest ever. Our Harvard friends present a statistical analysis of Hoosiers. READ »


Join The Peanut Gallery


We've got open threads for all your strategy/trash-talk/illegal-stream-sharing needs. READ »


App Madness

For the more technologically inclined, our good friends at Gizmodo have put together a list of the six apps you absolutely need to get through the month. READ »


Animals Playing Basketball?


Legos Playing Basketball?

Also yes!


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