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This story comes out of Indiana and you know how crazy they go for basketball out there. Shelly Miller was having a presumably typical, non-violent day before he picked up his daughter after basketball practice at St. Stanislaus School. Then his daughter told him a harrowing story of the assistant coach who forced her and a teammate to run laps after getting into an argument during practice. Miller did the only thing a sensible parent could. He beat the shit out of the assistant coach, Jeffrey Yackus.

When 37-year-old Shelly S. Miller...arrived at the school police say he was angered by his daughter's punishment so he approached assistant coach Jeffrey Yackus and punched him. Yackus was knocked to the ground and police say Miller climbed on top of him and continued punching him in the face and head, rendering him unconscious.

Head coach Robert Johnson stopped Miller, who then left the school. Yackus was taken to the hospital to be treated for a concussion.


Yackus has coached basketball at the school for six years and is consulting an attorney. Meanwhile, the entire Miller family is no longer affiliated with the parish or school. If only Miller had tried to scam a couple days off a few years ago—then this whole mess would have never happened.

Michigan City man charged for knocking out daughter's coach [WSBT]

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