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Marcus Maye Would Have Had A Pick-Six, But He Ran Out Of Gas

Jets safety Marcus Maye ended Sunday’s win against the Broncos with an interception and a loooooong return on the game’s final play. He somehow didn’t score.

Maye was so wiped at the end of that run! Credit to Broncos wideout Courtland Sutton, who made the hustle play that took him down. After the game, another Jets safety, Jamal Adams, made sure to clown Maye about what happened. Adams suggested Maye was caught by a lineman, only to have Maye fire back (from off camera), “It’s wasn’t by no damn lineman!”

Maye’s play officially went into the books as a 104-yard runback, the longest non-TD interception return in NFL history, and the longest interception return in Jets history. He made it by almost making it.

Dom Cosentino is a staff writer at Deadspin.

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