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I share the view held by the Wizard of Odds that former Virginia Tech QB Marcus Vick's lack of remorse, or even any kind of acknowledgement of wrongdoing, is a little troubling. "It's not a big deal," he says.

Others may disagree. For instance, the university, the fans, Marcus's teammates... they all seem to think it was a big deal. And Marcus himself may come to agree this time next year when he's in Frankfurt trying to beat out Akili Smith for the right to hold the clipboard for Galaxy QB Kevin Eakin.

Here's something else I'm wondering: When Virginia Tech readmitted Marcus after he was arrested for, um, befriending, underage girls and various other criminal charges, the university set a "no tolerance" policy for any future indiscretions. Well, he was arrested on December 17th. The Gator Bowl was January 2nd. I guess I missed the part where they said it was "no tolerance" unless there's a big bowl game coming up.

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