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Marietta, Georgia Books Teen Girl Larceny Squad

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CHEERLEADER! SO AND SO! WHAT'S HER FACE! THE UNDERAGE ONE! They've all been charged with stealing $149 from two little girls.


The four teens are accused of stealing a cash box from wee little lasses, ages 9 and 11, at a public pool who were selling patriotic hats and t-shirts to help raise money for their dad's struggling business, an embroidering company.

Here's how it went down: Girl #1 flashed a $20 and acted as if she was going to buy something, but then quickly yanked the box of money from the girls and ran away. Girl #2 held the door open for Girl #1 to help facilitate the pilfery. Girls #3 and #4 were in the idling getaway car, a Ford Taurus — the kind you see in all those bank heist movies — probably listening to music you don't like.

You know the scheme, now meet the team:

Chelsea Alexa Steele, 17 (the cheerleader)
Katie Leathers, 18 (she's still held in Cobb County Jail as we type)
Alexa Michalski, 18 (the muscle)
Miss Not Appearing In This Blog Post, 16

Ms. Steele was first apprehended earlier this month when the father, Joe Greene, did some amateur sleuthing and recognized one of the girls from Facebook and the high school's cheerleading website. Once she couldn't keep her story straight, the other three ladies were charged yesterday.

My favorite bit of pandering to the sentimental reader was the mention of one of Greene's daughters' friends being bound by a wheelchair. So these Plastics stole money not just from children, but from handicapped children!


The lesson here is, I think, not that all cheerleaders are selfish, just most of them.

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