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Mario Balotelli Denies Thing

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According to an Italian mob informant, AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli once sold drugs to an addict "as a joke." Because that's a totally normal thing that happens all the time.


The allegation came out of a recent money-laundering trial in which informant Armando De Rosa testified that he had seen Balotelli execute a kind of faux drug deal in Naples. According to De Rosa, Balotelli was present at a drug deal sometime in 2011, and asked if he could "do a sale" after watching the dealers hand out a few doses of cocaine and heroin. Balotelli then handed a dose to the next client, says De Rosa.

Balotelli responded with an angry denial, which was posted to his Twitter account and later deleted, but the Daily Mail has a transcription:

But in a furious denial on Twitter Balotelli said: ' now I'm a drug dealer. First I was a shag...Then maybe I took it up the a...You should be ashamed. You are using my name just to publicise yourselve' he wrote in a dig to prosecutors involved in the case.

Even if De Rosa's allegation is true, can you really hold it against Balotelli? It sounds like he was just trying to make himself useful, and nobody likes the weird guy who comes to a drug deal and just stands there doing nothing.

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