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Mario Balotelli Jumps Over A Guy, Knees Him In The Head In The Process

Italy are playing Uruguay today in World Cup Group D's final matchday. The winner of of this game joins Costa Rica (!(?)) in the knockout stages, so as you'd imagine, it's a bit chippy. In the 23rd minute, Balotelli retreated into his own half to win a header, elevated, and jumped right over a Uruguayan player. He damn near cleared him, too, but didn't quite, and kneed him in the back of the head instead. Yellow card.


That Uruguayan player, by the way, is Álvaro Pereira. Pereira matters because he was knocked out cold in Uruguay's last match, against England just five days ago. The team doctor ordered him out of the game, but after he woke up, he screamed a lot and pontificated, and was allowed to stay in. FIFA!

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