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Mark Brunell Is Broke

How did Brunell, with 18 NFL seasons under his belt and more than $50 million in earnings, find himself with comically turned inside-out pocket? Pretty much the same way all broke professional athletes lose their money: a series of bad investments, including a failed Whataburger franchise.

Actionville Jacksonville News (not their actual name, but it should be) reports that Brunell finds himself in bankruptcy court, facing $25 million in claims against him in six separate lawsuits. Brunell's not stupid when it comes to money, just naive.


"He's trusting and maybe that's a weakness. He looks for the best in people," says Michael Huyghue, Commissioner of the United Football League.

So what's the next step for Brunell, who will retire after the season and remains involved with his charitable foundation? A desk job back home in Florida, as a medical sales representative.

Mark Brunell's Crisis: How he lost $50 million []

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