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Mark Cuban Burns Himself At The Stake

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When Mark Cuban isn't mad about The New York Times, he's moonlighting as owner of the Dallas Mavericks. With everything else that Cuban babbles about, we forget that sometimes. He had to release longtime Maverick Michael Finley this week, and he's all broken up about it. But even more so, he's all down on himself about it.

Its my fault that we got to this point.

I never should have authorized deals without asking for far more details. I was guilty of being overly optomistic. I wanted to believe that the next deal was the one that was the difference maker. I found ways to rationalize the business side and how i would only be losing a few more dollars and that if it made the difference it was worth it. I enabled a culture where we always thought that if we had assets to trade we could fix a mistake.

I was wrong.

So, that explains Shawn Bradley.

It's Not Just Business, It's Personal [Blog Maverick]


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