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Well, Deadspin readers have spoken, and after about 20 hours of voting, it wasn't particularly close: You say Mark Cuban would kick Bill Simmons' ass.

This wasn't exactly the most fair fight, considering Cuban is a former rugby player who apparently does more than just run on the treadmill while playing Madden. If we had come up with this idea earlier, we would have pit Bill against former "Curious Guy" selections Chuck Klosterman and the guy who does "The O.C." (Hey, maybe if we're bored sometime, we'll go ahead and do those too.) But we're gonna do this from now on: Bill against the world!

But congratulations to Cuban. Honestly, we suspect he could wipe the floor with both the Maloof brothers too. Final results:

Mark Cuban: 74.0 percent (835 votes)
Bill Simmons: 26.0 percent (293 votes)

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