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Mark Cuban Had A Mother's Day Gift For Kenyon Martin's Mom

Dallas is playing what will probably be its final game of the season tonight, but all anyone really wants to know is what will go down between Mark Cuban, Kenyon Martin and Kenyon Martin's mom.

Game 3 between the Mavericks and Nuggets ended with the hilarious situation of a team crying about not getting a foul called on them in the final seconds. As Cuban left the floor in a huff, he noticed an angry Dallas fan screaming about the Nuggets players being "thugs." (Again, Dallas was the team trying to foul in the final seconds.) Cuban admits that he then turned to Kenyon Martin's mom, Lydia Moore, who seated nearby and added "That includes your son." But he totally had a good reason for it!


Cuban said by e-mail he knew Martin's mother, because after a previous game that Denver won, she had approached him and made trash-talk-type comments.

Oh, and the Martin boy was fined $25,000 for a hard foul on Dirk Nowitski in Game 1, so obviously Cuban is right about him. I think he and Moore should be forced to sit next each other tonight, with isolation cameras and microphones, because we all deserve to get something interesting out of this sweep.

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