Finally, a pro football league with second-rate players which plays on Friday nights in places like San Antonio and Sacramento. It's like someone has been recording our dreams!

If you thought that the first round of the NBA playoffs was an exercise in frustration and humiliation, Mr. Cuban, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is part of a group considering formation of a football league that would compete with the NFL for players drafted lower than the second round. The league, still very much in the preliminary stage, would play its games on Friday nights. The NFL does not play then because of the potential conflict with high school football. "It's a pretty simple concept," Cuban said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "We think there is more demand for pro football than supply."

The problem with reading any story about a potential new pro football league is that you have to read through all the stuff about all the previous failed attempts at this before you get to any current news. So why not skip straight to Cuban's own blog for more concise details?

The NFL wants and needs competition. They have grown so big and powerful that every move they make is scrutinized by local or federal officials. A competitor allows them to point to us and explain that their moves are for competitive reasons rather than the move of a monopoly.


We have a feeling that by the time Cuban's league becomes a legitimate competitor to the NFL, we'll own a robot named Bender. But hey, at least our man is blogging about sports again!

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