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Mark Cuban Is Suing Don Nelson For Knowing His Team

You know, it's possible that Mark Cuban isn't quite over his Mavericks' loss to the Warriors in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. How can we tell? Because he's actually suing Don Nelson for having "confidential information" and using it in the Warriors' victory. He's really doing this.

Don Nelson's attorney, John O'Connor, who said Cuban is suing Nelson, claiming the Warriors beat the Mavs in the first round because the Warriors' coach — and former coach of the Mavs — had "confidential information and he [Cuban] wants to enjoin Don from coaching against the Mavericks."

"There is no basis in our view," O'Connor said. "I suppose he [Nelson] knows [Dirk] Nowitzki likes to go right instead of left, but normally that's not a trade secret."


Every year, Cuban becomes a little less of the "hey, I'd be a crazy fan like that if I owned a team too!" guy and more of the "jesus christ, he's really quite nuts, isn't he?" guy. It's fun to watch.

Oh, God, Mark Cuban's Being A Jackass Again [Uwe Blog]

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