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Everybody's favorite punctuation-resistant NBA owner Mark Cuban has had a busy offseason, hollering at New York Times reporters, apologizing for cutting Michael Finley and remembering the exact moment he stopped being one of us and became dirty, grimy rich.

Today, the angry one rants about sports leagues' insistence on releasing attendance figures, saying it provides a competitive disadvantage, even though we're having trouble coming up with other entertainment options that don't release their numbers. (Maybe TV? Six Flags? Strip clubs?)

Whats more, since teams do report attendance, it gives media something more to analyze. They want to dissect how we get to the number. Is it paid attendance ? If the number was X, why were there so many empty seats ? Which in turn allows them to speculate even further about what they think is impacting attendance. How stupid are we for reporting attendance ?

We're no expert in this stuff, but when the Mavericks miss the playoffs next year, we're guessing that will have an impact on attendance. (Don't hate us, Mark! We come in peace!)

Because That's The Way We've Always Done It [Blog Maverick]