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Mark Wahlberg Shouts Out The Falcons While Possibly Being Haunted By A Demon In A Football Jersey

D-Block is a video web series that is produced by the Atlanta Falcons linebacking corps and broadcast from the team's locker room. It's wonderful. Earlier this week, D-Block somehow managed to get a shout out from Mark Wahlberg while he was promoting his latest movie, Broken City.

Wahlberg doing his Wahlberg thing ("If you need a...[flexes]...strong safety for the game, let me know.") is fun and all, but what's really important about this video is that tremendously creepy guy sitting in the background. His slouched demeanor and hidden, unflinching gaze get more terrifying with each viewing. Wait, you guys can see him, too, right? Because I kind of feel like he's staring at me and only me. Oh god, please tell me you can see him, too.


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