Marshawn Lynch Drove To A Guy's House To Return His Wallet

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A guy named Jason Lynch (no relation to Marshawn) posted a story on his Facebook page in which Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch comes off as a real swell guy. Take it away, Jason:

Crazy! So I'm at the shell station in Marysville. I'm getting in my car when I see a giant Mercedez van pull up playing music super loud. Marshawn Lynch jumps out and walks into the store. I thought about asking for a picture but was in my work clothes and decided not to bother him. I leave to go pick up Junior.... What I didn't know was that I dropped my wallet. When I got home about 10 minutes later my neighbor knocks on door. She told me I would never guess who brought this to her.... I had no clue, but when she said Marshawn Lynch I was shocked ! I guess I was so distracted by the van pulling up I dropped my wallet. My neighbor said Marshawn, Ricardo Lockette and a cameraman were headed to Marysville Pilchuck and decided to bring it to me on the way there. My neighbor tried asking for a pic but they politely refused and their only concern was that I got my wallet back. I can't thank them guys enough for bringing it back and for making my neighbor a very happy lady for getting to a chance to meet them.

Now, if this turns out to be some kind of viral marketing scheme for, like, a fucking Visa ad campaign or some shit, I am going to be pissed. But for now, let's just assume that Marshawn Lynch is a person who did this guy a solid.

Photo via Facebook