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Matheus Cunha Caps Off RB Leipzig's Comeback Win Over Bayer Leverkusen With An Utterly Disrespectful Goal

Things quickly fell apart for Bayer Leverkusen just over on hour into their match against RB Leipzig on Saturday. After leading most of the match 2-1, Timo Werner tied things up with a solid strike from inside the box. Emil Forsberg then gave his squad a 3-2 lead over their opponents after converting a penalty in the 71st minute. It was then Matheus Cunha’s turn to shut the door on a possible Leverkusen comeback, and he did so in quite filthy fashion.


Good lord, Cunha, those defenders have families they have to go back to!

But maybe Leverkusen’s defense should have seen something like this coming when a player that talented gets that much space. Hell, even in tighter spaces Cunha is able to do incredible shit. Here’s his first-ever Bundesliga goal a few months back against Hertha Berlin:

Not bad for a 19-year-old.

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