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Matt Leinart Is Watching One Exciting Game

Steelers 7, Cardinals 7 — Coach Ken Whisenhunt, sure enough, found a time to use Kurt Warner in the game, which happened to be the fourth drive of the game, and he's been in ever since. His touchdown to Jeremy Urban tied the game. Now, if Warner is the best quarterback to run the 2-minute-drill, no-huddle offense — and he's more efficient in that than Leinart is from the huddle — shouldn't he just, um, be the starter until further notice?

Chargers 16, Chiefs 6 — Taking a lead in the first half, Norv Turner solemnly made halftime adjustments in the hopes of making the lead smaller or non-existent.


Buccaneers 17, Panthers 0 — Why in the world does Jeff Garcia win with every team he plays for? Is the NFL actually some sort of Truman Show revolving about Garcia's movement from team to team?

Seahawks 20, 49ers 0 — For some reason, Trent Dilfer is playing for the Niners. That's ... different. So if it's any consolation, San Francisco, Barry Manilow and Brian Boitano will be in town in a couple months. Just tough it out.

Colts 28, Broncos 13 — Nothing of shock here, except that it took a while for the Colts lead to be more than one point. Move along, folks.

All right, nation. I'm done for the weekend. And tonight, you get Giants-Eagles. I get The Simpsons. Everyone wins! Except, well, about half of the football and baseball teams who played today.


P.S. - Five teams from the National League are in the playoffs. Did you expect fewer?

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