Matt Simms Can Roll A Fat One (In A Slightly Different Fashion Than His Brother Can)

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You might not have realized that Phil Simms actually has two football playing sons. The first is Chris Simms, of course, who was John Amaechi before it was COOL to be John Amaechi. But the second is Matt Simms, who is about to attend Louisville and has proven to be a bit of an asshead.


But the kid's got potential, and not just on the field. Kissing Suzy Kolber has found a picture, via Eagles Insider, of young Matt Simms about to roll what seems like some happy greenery for himself. We suppose it's possible that young Matt just enjoys rolling his own cigarettes; if that's the case, we suspect he has the patience and stick-to-it-iveness that is required of a big time quarterback. But we doubt that's the case.

Much credit to KSK, which actually posted this at 4:20 this morning. Now that's devotion to the cause.


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