Maurice Clarett Seeks Salvation, Bandwidth

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Maurice Clarett: Prison blogger? Yep, the former running back who is serving time for robbery and other charges has been blogging from prison since Oct. of 2008, according to his archives.

You mean that he's not on your blogroll? From The Mind of Maurice Clarett:

I had a chance to get outside and run sprints on the track today. It felt so good to feel the fresh air. The facility does not have windows in the cell that I can open, so I don't get a chance to feel nature that often during the winter months. Today was an exception though. I had a blast just running on the yard. I felt like a little kid inside. It felt like the energy of the earth would have allowed me to run all day long. We only have recreation for two hours and I enjoyed it all. I appreciated the time I did get.

I now wonder to myself, "is this what life is all about?" Am I supposed to find true happiness in the things I can't buy? Am I supposed to enjoy more of life's simple pleasures like this? After all, it was just me and Earth. At that moment, the prison walls did not exist. Now that I say that, I want to remind everyone that they shouldn't feel sorry for me because I am not suffering. I may be in a situation that isn't ideal, but I am free in my mind and at heart. My mandatory time is almost up and hopefully, the judge will see it fit to give me an early release based on my growth.


Clarett, the only former Denver Bronco I know of who was involved with the Israeli mob and was arrested carrying a hatchet, was sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison in August of 2006 on a variety of charges, including robbery and resisting arrest. He is currently at Toledo Correctional Institution, where apparently they allow inmates to have laptops.


Note to NCAA: The government allows inmates to blog from prison, but you still can't blog from a college baseball press box. Nice.

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