Mayor Of Probably Calgary Mad Over Raptors Poll Snub

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The Raptors and their fans have played the “nobody believes in us” card faster and harder than just about anyone, quite possibly because nobody believes in them. But things have reached a fever pitch in Wherever The Raptors Are From, thanks to the limitations of an online poll.

Aggrievement-as-fandom has reached new heights among fans from the quaint Canadian fishing village the Raptors call home, after a poll on asked readers who they thought would win the NBA title. It did not list the Raptors:


CBS belatedly explained this one: the poll was posted before the Raptors dispatched the Heat in Game 7, and with a limit of four options, “other” truly did mean “other.” But the damage was done, with fans from across Canada coming to the defense of their capital and largest city, Winnipeg(?).

This afternoon, the mayor of Tim Hortonsburg got in on the action, writing an open letter proving that he is definitely not mad online, nor nude and red, in fact he finds this all funny.


Yes, this is exactly the appropriate reaction from the mayor of a world-class city that has lots going for it and doesn’t need to get bent out of shape over an online poll. I can’t believe we let you host an Olympics six years ago.

Or perhaps CBS left the Raptors out of the poll on purpose because they’re going to get crushed and they wanted to spare the embarrassment of anyone who would’ve voted for them. Ever think of that, Kamloops or whatever?