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MC Hammer has never strayed too far from the sports. He is, after all, a former sports blogger. Over the years, Hammer has helped the 49ers’ sign Michael Crabtree in ‘09, he’s done commercials for the Atlanta Braves, he’s written open letters to Barry Bonds, and he even had his very own bobblehead night in Oakland this year. He doesn’t seem to know what team he really wants to dedicate his allegiance to, but he keeps showing up.


And since 98.4% of life is showing up, or something like that, he’s now a motivational speaker.


Yesterday, the 49ers invited the super dope homeboy from Oak-Town over to speak to the team about dealing with the “trials and tribulations” of being a public figure. There’s no word on what he actually said to the gathered players, but they seemed to enjoy it—and thanks to Jay-Z, even the rookies knew who he was.

Hammer’s mind, though, is on bigger things. He’s become something of a public figure for the Occupy Oakland movement, and he’s just released a new song that, at least initially, does not sound uplifting at all: “How Do We Live/Without Living To Die?”

Said differently: How do we quit/And still stay legit? Deep questions from a deep man.

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