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The long-awaited MC Hammer bobblehead night finally arrived in Oakland yesterday, and it was rather exciting for everyone involved.


But Detroit has one-upped the A's by declaring Wednesday, August 3 the first Zubazpalooza at Comerica Park. For just $23, fashion-conscious Tigers fans will receive "a Pavilion game ticket, a pair of Zubaz pants, and an invitation to the pre-game party at Hockeytown Cafe." There is a good chance that Hockeytown will play an MC Hammer song or two, as well: parachute pants are, after all, closely related to the Zubaz. But in a toss-up, I'd spring for the pants over the bobblehead. Take this from someone who possesses a rather personal knowledge of the style.

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H/T Hit Bull Win Steak.

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