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Media Approval Ratings: Buster Olney

When we first moved to New York, Buster Olney was the anonymous, goofily named reporter in The New York Times who knew pretty much everything you needed to know about baseball. He was their star. And then he went to ESPN. He's not the star anymore, but at least everybody knows his name now.

One of Olney's saddest moments at ESPN had to be the now-infamous Steve Phillips press conferences, in which this seasoned and respected baseball reporter had to stand up and pretend to ask fake questions to a fake general manager. (Buster said he had no problem with doing the segments, but, frankly, we don't believe him.) Now Buster runs his ESPN blog, which is pretty much a must-read for anyone paying attention. And his name is Buster. Perhaps you'd noticed.


So: Do you like the Buster Olney? Do you not like the Buster Olney?

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