Despite having his quarterback gig snatched by Jimmy Clausen, Jay Cutler still had a presser today, and he handled it like a normal human being. Everyone would love to let you know how mature and nice he was after losing his job. He's smiling! He's joking!

I'm not really sure when Cutler was ever immature during this Bears implosion. Is being angry after throwing an interception immature? He wasn't the one who went anonymous and threw his coworker under the bus. And he has a history of being shit upon. Remember when he sprained his knee in the 2011 NFC Championship game and couldn't come back, and his teammates made him cry, then everyone questioned how much he cared? (And remember when ESPN somehow came up with this?)


What Cutler's doing now is distancing himself. If the Bears want to start Jimmy Clausen, cool. Cutler's going to hang back and salvage his trade value so he doesn't have to be anywhere near this mess. He's waiting it out. Sure, I'll say I can still play under Marc Trestman next season, because we both know that's not going to happen. What's one more hit to the most-sacked Bears quarterback in history?