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Meet A-Rod's Cousin's Trainer

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Everyone is dying to know more about this mysterious "cousin" that Alex Rodriguez refused to identify, and it turns out the cousin is not imaginary! He's been identified...and now begins the hunt.

The man in question is Yuri Sucart, and the next few days of this "A-Roid" saga will involve people flying all over the Caribbean to find anything remotely interesting about this guy. Apparently, it wasn't that hard to figure out his name, since he's been following Rodriguez around for years telling anyone and everyone that he was Alex's cousin, friend, and "personal manager."

That last designation comes from this 2004 article about this rather large gentleman from Dallas named Charles Colaw (pictured), who serves as personal trainer to big shots like the personal manager of Alex Rodriguez. That's pretty much all you get from a Google search of Sucart's name. He still hasn't emerged from his Miami home for a photo or interviews, but that's only a matter of time, of course.


Meanwhile, if you're looking to inject your own cousin with primobolan, the New York Daily News explains how $19 and a plane ticket to the Dominican Republic will put you in the steroid business. It's so easy, even a dumb naive 25-year-old can do it!

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