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Meet Crusher, Nightmare Ant's Crustacean Relation

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The NBA D-League has done it again! The Maine Red Claws unveiled their new mascot this weekend (at a baseball game, of course) and he bears a striking resemblance to another booster from the same league. In fact, I think all they did was take Fort Wayne's Mad Ant and replace his hands with claws. Bingo! It's Crusher! (Click the image to fully experience the terror.)


So now folks on the East Coast can also be haunted by a horrific vision of their own death anytime they attend a minor league basketball game, just like their Midwest brethren. I just hope that in their sweat-soaked heat visions they don't try to pry open Crusher's appendages and feast on the sweet—but evil!—meat inside. (Don't forget the melted butter!) Although at this point, I think Crusher is more likely to eat you.

And yes, his dunking needs a little work, but that's why he is a D-League mascot.

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