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Meet Roberto Alomar's New Girlfriend

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So here's Roberto Alomar's new girlfriend, and from the looks of her she'll claw your eyes out just on general principle. And suing her boyfriend for millions? You do not want to go there, bitches.

Her name is Maripily Rivera, and Home Run Derby has a bunch of other photos of her (some NSFW). Plus, the Toronto Star gives us other details, including the fact that the model is described as "Puerto Rico's equivalent of Paris Hilton." OK.

Alomar's former girlfriend, Ilya Dall, is suing the ex-All Star for $15 million, claiming that he knowingly exposed her to the AIDS virus by insisting that they have unprotected sex. Alomar calls her contention "a bunch of lies."


Recent photos of Alomar show him to be presumably healthy. Shortly after his alleged breakup with Dall last October, reports in the Puerto Rican media linked him romantically with a high-profile model there, Maripily Rivera, described by some as that island's equivalent of Paris Hilton. The pair, according to sources in Puerto Rico, went to Miami earlier this week.


Rivera says that it was Alomar who dumped Dall, and not the other way around, and that Dall is out to get him because of it. Anyway, now we know all the players. At least I hope there aren't any more.

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