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Meet Ron Artest's Fat Brother

As some of you might have heard, Ron Artest's little brother is trying to make it in the NBA. He's got a few strikes against him. First, he's Ron Artest's brother. Second, he weighs about 300 pounds. Third, he weighs about 300 pounds and thinks his jump shot's gonna get him to the League.

Hey, why not? Robert Traylor played for a while. DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg digs into the soul and navel of the tubby sibling.

"They want me to be a guard, but I like playing like Barkley," he told me. "I'm fast enough to be a guard. Whenever I get the opportunity to play, you're gonna see how I play. I can jump and everything. I can hit the NBA three. I've been working on my whole game. We've been doing this for months. A lot of running, shooting drills. We'll shoot like 600 shots a day, every day, then we'll come back at nighttime and shoot up another two or three hundred more. I push [Ron] and he pushes me."


You know what? We want him to be a guard too. Desperately.

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