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The United States beat Thailand by a 13-0 scoreline on Tuesday, setting a new World Cup record for the largest margin of victory. In the process of making history, the USWNT players were pretty happy. Clearly, as certain moral pillars on Canadian and even American TV pointed out, this was a very bad thing.


American forward Megan Rapinoe, she of the most shameful goal celebration when she reacted to doing something awesome on the world’s biggest stage with the DISGUSTING acts of running around and smiling, was asked how she felt about the muted but noticeable backlash the behavior of her and her teammates has elicited. Shockingly, Rapinoe seemed to treat this very grave and important matter as if it were a silly little issue worthy only of her laughing dismissal:

So there you have it: Megan Rapinoe is not sorry for playing a sport with joy. Unbelievable.

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