With the NFL playoffs just a few weeks away, there are a lot of playoff probabilities going around. Functionally, these all do more or less the same thing. So instead of churning out our own—which, face it, we are probably not going to do better than what's already out in the world—we're mashing everyone's together. Here's how the internet thinks the playoffs will look.

The tables below are teams' chances of making the playoffs, winning their division, and winning the Super Bowl from averaging numbers across nine models (Advanced Football Analytics, Football Outsiders, FiveThirtyEight, Massey-Peabody, numberFire, Team Rankings, PlayoffStatus, Sports Club Stats, Prediction Machine). Only teams that haven't been eliminated from contention are included.

PatriotsAFC East1000100022.713.7
BillsAFC East7.610.3000.10.3
DolphinsAFC East0.61.90000.1
BengalsAFC North80.9732.412.11.33
SteelersAFC North80.812.44411.41.82.4
RavensAFC North8214.723.615.83.710
BrownsAFC North00.10000
ColtsAFC South100010004.93.7
TexansAFC South47.30000.1
BroncosAFC West1000100020.512.9
ChiefsAFC West30.513.7000.61.4
ChargersAFC West14.314.3000.10.4
CowboysNFC East79.220.16713.63.34.9
EaglesNFC East38.71232.615.61.20.9
LionsNFC North91.28.138.6204.76.1
PackersNFC North94.9861.42012.59
SaintsNFC South63.716.964.
PanthersNFC South14.620.413.820.10.20.4
FalconsNFC South20.
CardinalsNFC West99.81.441.724.96.317
SeahawksNFC West96.1458.324.915.115