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The Mets are a revolving door of controversy and incompetence, as the most recent New York team to win a pennant(!) has spent the past month (or two, or three...) plagued by internal anger, poor play, and a tendency to kill off ex-players before they actually die. It must be no fun to be a Mets fan right now, but a new design choice at their ballpark brings the first scrap of good news in what feels like forever. The Mets have added fast-food advertising to their foul poles, making them not only less attractive, but also much more conspicuous to any fans sitting in the outfield corners.


These tacky, arguably homophobic new poles appear to do their jobs well—provided that job is obstructing sightlines and not selling chicken sandwiches.

At most ballparks, this kind of intrusive, ugly advertising would be frowned upon as a cash grab that damages a fan’s happy experience at a ballgame. But at a Mets game, this kind of innovative intervention could prevent immeasurable bouts of impotent sadness. Check out these views and tell me there’s any better way to watch the 2019 Mets.


Particularly with the Mets’ LGBT Pride Night just around the corner, this new ad is absolutely the kind of thing the team will get shamed into taking down within a week. That’s what makes this choice so wonderfully, uniquely Mets.

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