Mets' Jason Vargas To Reporter: "I'll Knock You The Fuck Out, Bro"

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Photo: John Amis (Getty Images)

One day after I made the mistake of complimenting the Mets on this site, they’ve gone ahead and returned to the tire-fire form that most people have gotten used to seeing on a regular basis. Today’s Mets meltdown features manager Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas getting into it with a reporter who was asking questions in the clubhouse—as reporters are wont to do.

Callaway apparently did not like a comment that one of the beat writers made and started getting a bit snippy with the press.


But then things began to escalate quickly as Callaway cursed out Tim Healey of Newsday out while accusing him of being an antagonist of the team. Deesha Thosar of the New York Daily News tweeted out that Callaway called Healy a “motherfucker” a few times before ultimately saying, “Don’t be a smartass, motherfucker.” The Mets manager then tried to make the reporter leave, and, well, things just kept spiraling out of control.


Even though this story features a manager actively antagonizing a reporter at levels that even James Dolan aspires to achieve, and a player threatening physical violence against that very same reporter, perhaps the most surprising part of this story is the fact that Callaway and Vargas got so angry at Healey for not leaving. One would think that two members of the Mets would be used to not being able to get someone out by now.