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Mets GM Sandy Alderson Is On Twitter, And He Is Funny

Look at that man up there. Does he look like a funny Twitter person to you? Probably not, right. He looks like the senior partner at your dad's accounting firm. He seems like he would have a really firm handshake. He looks like he would interview you for Harvard in the lobby of a local hotel and nod reluctantly when you mention your slam poetry.

But no, he's a funny Twitter guy!

MetsGM Getting ready for Spring Training-Driving to FL but haven't left yet. Big fundraiser tonight for gas money. Also exploring PAC contribution.


Look! That's funny! Even Alderson's dog is funny:

MetsGM We're driving to St. Lucie because our dog (Buddy) doesn't like to fly. His complaint: Where I sit, no lights and no stews.

Buddy Alderson! Funny! Social media! We are so excited that we have totally forgotten that the Mets will win 68 games this year.

Sandy Alderson [Twitter, h/t Justin]

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