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Mexican Beans Sold Separately

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Fantastic find from The Wade Blogs: Currently up for auction is a wristband worn by Barry Bonds in 1987 for the Pirates that says "Say No To Drugs."

From the auction site:

Fashion statements come and go in the game of baseball. One of the more innovation ideas which players used in the 1980s was the "Say No To Drugs" wristbands which select players wore to warn people of the dangers of drugs. This particular elongated wristband was worn by Barry Bonds in 1987, his second year in the league. Bonds' face is captured in almost a cartoon-like drawing and his facsimile autograph is threaded on this 11 1/2" piece. Solid use, with dirt marks, appear on the black and yellow treasure.


The price on this is surprisingly reasonable: $174. Don't worry, though: It hasn't shrunk. It just seems like it.

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