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Speaking of bold, unexpected strategies—Guadalajara defender Hector Reynoso has been banned from international competition because he spit and sneezed on opposing players and then told them he had swine flu.

The length of the ban will be determined over the course of the next three days, according to the South American governing body CSF, who informed Eurosport, "At around the 90th minute of the aforementioned game, Reynoso, following an incident in the game, reacted by spitting at Everton player Sebastian Penco and then releasing nasal secretions at the face of the player.


Ahh, the deadly but effective snot rocket. My favorite part of the story is that Guadalajara players were upset because Everton (from Chile) players were taunting them for their pork diseases and because they were "publicly mocked by shoppers" when they were out on the town.

Look fellas—it's sport. Your opponents will always find something to mock you about; whether it's swine flu, your horrifically violent drug gangs, your comically large hats, or the way you individually wrap all of your cheese slices. Hey, wait a second ...

Guadalajara Defender Hector Reynoso Banned For 'Trying' To Pass On Swine Flu []

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