Mic’d up College World Series umpire gets pitch straight to the nuts

Audible groans, gasps from the broadcast booth… ouch

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Uh... YIKES.
Uh... YIKES.
Screenshot: @ESPN

Happy Fathers Day, dads! Aren’t you glad this isn’t you?

Watch as NC State’s Evan Justice delivers a slider that pops in front of the plate, past catcher Luca Tresh, and into… Well, you know where by now.

Yeah, that doesn’t look good. And I bet it doesn’t feel good, either.

 Whether you’re a little leaguer or major leaguer, it all hurts the same. Even with a cup, a baseball to the nuts is, um, let’s just say, an unpleasant experience. The audible groans from the ump should give it away. Plus, when that commentator saw the nut shot in slow-mo, he sounded like he witnessed something disgusting.


Yesterday afternoon, NC State beat down the umpire and Stanford in the opening round of the College World Series. The final score was 10 to 4. It’s worth mentioning that the umpire would be OK. So that’s a win too, I guess?

I haven’t felt all that bad for a college umpire until now. Around two weeks ago, a grumpy umpire (grumpire for short) had to ruin the fun on a grand slam in an NCAA regional game. The college ump screamed at a kid to jog the bases while he was admiring his bomb. Chill, man. Let the guy enjoy his dinger.

Hopefully this ump can get a much deserved break in his Omaha hotel or wherever he is staying. He has earned the right to put his feet up, ice up, rest up, and take a day or two to get back to the field.

NC State will face Vandy next. Stanford will get Arizona, a fellow Pac-12 competitor. Hopefully, moving forward, baseballs will be the only balls hit in the tournament.